Tuesday, August 24, 2010

what I made, so called designed, this summer of 2010

This is the only piece, that I worked really hard designing, and even harder making. I used old jeans, cut them into diamond shapes, and voila!

The rest of the designs, I really didn't have to design at all. The fabrics were so rich in print; they took me all the way to India. When fabric is so colorful there is no need for a complicated design, less is more. I made a few caftans, and they were all sold out!

I picked this fabric while my sister was shopping for baby stuff. She looked at me, and I could read on her face that she wanted to send me to the looney bin, especially when I picked the yellow trim as an accent color. I hope I changed her mind.

This dress doesn't look nearly as pretty as it really is. The white embroidered lace is raw silk, and the fucshia slip is very soft flowy silk.

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