Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Master of Your Own Wedding

I'd like to start my blog where every runway show usually ends, the wedding dress. Where I come from, originally, we usually make our own wedding dresses, or get a neighbour to make one for our big day. We also like to think that we were the original designers of the gown.

Just like designing our own gowns, and by that I mean combining a few cut-outs of different wedding dresses from magazines, we like to plan the whole wedding. By we I mean the brides. In fact the concept of the wedding planners doesn't even exist, unless something changed, and I missed it. It would be very shameful for a bride to admit that someone else planned her big day, and arranged everything. We like to take credits for everything. If someone is to compliment our bouque, we like to say "oh, I made it myself, you know." or "my cousin did it." It's always "I did it." or somebody related to ME.

I have a cousin who makes bouques for all of her friends and family. In fact last time I saw her she was making a bouque, which consisted of gladiolas which she bought and the rest of the arrangement came from her mom's garden. Since it was February there wasn't much to steal from the garden, except for a few twigs. She added cotton balls, which she stretched from one twig to the other. I asked her what that was and she replied "it took her (the bride) 9 years to get here, the spider web is starting to form from such a long wait.".

When I saw The Wedding Planner I really couldn't believe such job existed. I couldn't believe that there was a bride that didn't want to take credits for everything at the wedding. Back home a bride doesn't do everything herself; she gets help from friends, family, mostly neighbours, pretty much everybody else but the future husband.

FYI-If you are guessing which place I come from, I myself am not sure either, but I'll give you an idea. I was born in a town, we like to think of it as a small city, of Derventa, which is presently located in Northern Bosnia. It has never changed its original location, but the location has changed the name of the its country several times. When I was born it was Yugoslavia.

This is my fashion point of view, and it had nothing or very little to do with fashion. I'll try better next time.

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